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It's Never Too Late to be Active (aged 55+) Posted on 6 May 2022

It's Never Too Late to be Active:

a 12-week behaviour change campaign that aims to help older adults in Hertfordshire get more active.

The campaign is aimed at those aged 55+ who do little or no physical activity, however adults of any age and activity level can take part if they wish.  

Hertfordshire’s ‘It’s Never Too Late to be Active’ campaign is back, to help older adults become more active.

The campaign offers a free 7-day activity pass to a local leisure centre, ongoing support and the opportunity to win prizes. You could also help your local school win £1000.

Just 20 minutes of physical activity a day provides enormous benefits to your physical and mental health, both now and in the future. 


So, let’s give it a go.  Sign up and keep your body strong, your mind sharp and spark the energy you need to keep doing the things you love.

Get a free 7-day activity pass and discover local activities


Call us on 01992 555627

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